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TekTone LI600 Tek-CARE Sconce for LED Dome Lights

TekTone LI600 Tek-CARE Sconce for LED Dome Lights

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  • Attractive sconce fits over any TekTone® LED dome light.
  • Eliminates the institutional feel in senior living facilities.
  • Dome lights are clearly visible at least 15' away.
  • Sconce mounts securely to the wall over the dome light. 


LI600 Sconces cover TekTone LED dome lights so that they blend in with the homey atmosphere desired in today’s senior living facilities. Since the sconce attaches directly to the wall, it can be used in both new and preexisting installations. With the decorative sconce in place, all color LEDs are equally visible from at least 15' away.

The LI600 Sconce is made of frosted glass with a base of iron with a painted coffee finish.


  • Dimensions: 9.84"W × 9.45"H × 5.12"D (250 mm × 240 mm × 130 mm)
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Mounting: Mounts directly to the wall using two screws; use drywall anchors where needed. When using supplied drilling template, top of sconce is approximately 1.5″ above top screw holes of dome light back box, and bottom of sconce is approximately 8″ below top back box’s top screw holes.
  • Construction: Frosted glass, and iron with painted coffee finish.


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