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TekTone NC110-series Tek-CARE Master Panels

TekTone NC110-series Tek-CARE Master Panels

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  • UL® 1069 Listed
  • Electronic DC buzzer
  • Tone-Off and Tone-Test functions
  • Emergency and Routine call signaling
  • Modular design
  • Protected markings


TekTone’s Tek-CARE®NC110 series Audible-Visual Nurse Call System provides audible and visual call indication without the use of intercom communications. The basic system consists of a master annunciator/control panel, room call stations, emergency call stations, dome lights, zone lights, control unit, and power supply equipment

Emergency signals are identified at the master station by a rapid flashing of the associated station indicator light, call light, and emergency light; in addition to a rapid pulsating tone. Routine calls are indicated by the steady illumination of the station selector light, call light, and a slow pulsating tone. The tone may be canceled for normal calls by depressing the tone-off button. Emergency calls take precedence over Routine calls. Call signals can be canceled at point of origin only.

Tone-Off and Tone-Test functions are push button selected from the control panel. Indicator lights signal the presence of Emergency or Routine calls.


  • Dimensions: Refer to OH200-series housings and OF200-series frames in the IL312 Housings Reference Chart
  • Power Requirement: 24 VAC
  • Connections: Screw terminal
  • Construction: Extruded Aluminum Panels


One (1) year manufacturer's warranty plus an exclusive one (1) year BuyTekTone.com extended manufacturer's warranty.*