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TekTone NC709/NC711 Tek-CARE Keypads with Display
TekTone NC709/NC711 Tek-CARE Keypads with Display

TekTone NC709/NC711 Tek-CARE Keypads with Display

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The NC709 (Surface Mount) and NC711 (Flush Mount) Keypads with Display are combination LCD touchscreen and keypad designed to be used as a local annunciator for the Tek-CARE®700 system. The LCD screen displays information about alarms and faults generated by the connected NC702 Door Controller. The keypads are also used to reset alarms and escort residents through monitored doors. Unique access codes are programmable directly on the keypad. The keypads include 3 LEDs to indicate door controller and alarm status.

The keypads have two internal relays that allow two separate codes to be programmed; one for resetting alarms and escorting residents through monitored zones, and the other for allowing staff and visitors free movement through normally locked doors while still monitoring the area for residents.

The NC709 and NC711 are powered using the same PK701 or PK702 transformer that powers the NC702 Door Controller.


  • Size: 10.375" × 5.75" × 2.0" 
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Construction: Vacuum molded ABS
  • Operating Temperature: 32°–120°F
  • Operating Voltage: 15VDC
  • Mounting:
    • NC709: Surface mount
    • NC711: Flush mount using included screws and old-work wings
  • Cable: 18/2 cable for power connection and CAT5 or better cable for data


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