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TekTone NC710A Tek-CARE ID-TAD

TekTone NC710A Tek-CARE ID-TAD

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The NC710A ID-TAD (Secure Tag Activator/Deactivator) is used to activate and deactivate SF701 Resident Tags and SF702 Asset Tags used with the Tek-CARE®700 Wander Management System.

One NC710A is included with each NC708 starter Kit, however, additional NC710As may be ordered if desired.

The NC710A includes provision for a 4-digit security code to prevent unauthorized activation or deactivation of tags.

In addition to activating and deactivating tags, the NC710A can also be used to test the battery status of SF701 and SF702 tags. When the NC710A is powered on, any tag that is placed into the receptacle on the rear of the NC710A will transmit battery status information to the unit. If a low battery condition exists, then Low Battery will be displayed next to the tag number.


  • Size 5.5″ × 3.25″ × 1 .5″
  • Construction ABS Plastic, Rubber case
  • Battery 9v


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