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TekTone SF401G Tek-CARE Call Cord

TekTone SF401G Tek-CARE Call Cord

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  • Sensitive touch activation
  • Oxygen tent safe
  • Ideal for geriatric use
  • Momentary, air-activated switch
  • Adjustable bed clip


TekTone® SF401G Call Cords are used with 8-pin DIN jack patient stations, including Tek-CARE®400 IR411-series and IR412-series patient stations, Tek-CARE®400 P5 IR411P5 and IR412P5 patient stations, and Tek-CARE®300II IR319-series and IR320-series patient stations.

The SF401G Call Cord is specifically designed for use in geriatric and oxygen environments, but may also be used in general applications. To place a call, the patient need only apply slight pressure to the squeeze bulb using any part of the body. The force of air through the vinyl tubing closes a switch in the plug, thus placing a call. An adjustable bed clip is supplied for the SF401G and is attached to the call cord.


  • Switch: Momentary contact, air activated
  • Plug: Stainless steel 8-pin DIN
  • Cord: Vinyl tubing
  • Electrical: Rated current 1/3 amp, 24 VAC-VDC
  • Dimensions:
    • Cord: 6' long (1.83 m)
    • Bulb: 1.5" diameter (38 mm)


One (1) year manufacturer's warranty plus an exclusive one (1) year BuyTekTone.com extended manufacturer's warranty.*